Monday, March 14, 2011

An Amazing Week of Overshadowed Beauty...

I love fashion. I have always loved Dior and particularly John Galliano. So imagine my disappointment to learn of the recent scandals. I am so appalled after learning of his actions, but on the same note I myself am a bit notorious for drinking and spewing ridiculousness. Luckily, I have not been held accountable for every drunken encounter. I try not to drink more than 1 or 2, but when I do… oh the stories. Unfortunately, I am infamous. The turtle incident, broken clavicle incident, skiing incident, Cuzco incident, the annual American Medical Association Internal Medicine presentations 3rd year of residency (I am told it is still brought up)…and I was just recently reminded of the yellow stream out of a window while doing 60 on a highway incident (yes, sadly, I was driving) when in high school. I’ll stop while I’m behind.

My point of this is I feel it is very wrong that he may be facing a six month jail sentence and a fine that amounts to over $30,000.  OK, I understand why Dior fired him, but I think it's wrong that he has to stand trial. In the U.S. if you deface a religion, spew hate, or make completely racist remarks you apparently get elected to congress or become a multimillionaire on some talk radio or tv "news" show. I mean, according to a few of our current congressmen and women our current president is a terrorist supporting extremist that was born in Kenya, not America (oh how facts confuse the simplest of minds).

And let's be honest, Galliano go to prison? He would be the bitch of even the *fairiest* of gay men! I guess if Dior wants to fire Mr. Galliano, that's their business, literally. Yes, there are freedom of speech laws in America, and there are sometimes days I question the legitimacy of that (KKK rallies, Koran burnings), but I am in shock that today, in a Western country, a man can go to prison and face an exorbitant fine for something he slurringly mumbled in a private affair, all because it happened in France.

Needless to say, it has left a bit of a damper on my entire view of my most anticipated holiday, Paris fall fashion week. Hence, the late review. Le sigh...

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