Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ooooohhhhh... Paris!

OK, I am (sort of) over the Galliano debacle. So, here we go...

Dear Mr. McQueen, your legacy lives on. I think you would be proud, but you absence is definitely felt in this collection (except maybe the last pic...LOVE).

Chanel, so dark and dramatic! Karl gets a bit tough and goth.

Chloe was all about the reptiles. Even this delicate dress had snake print fabric.

It is the 1950's Babes in Toyland meet the KGB at Louis Vuitton. Ok, I know many are going to say...really? Who is going to wear the hats with such ensembles? It is fashion, people! Stop copying lame-ass Hollywood that is only concerned about figure conscious flattering dresses, it's boring. Fashion is an art, not just a way to show off your fake breasts and borderline anorexic thin waist (Note: yes, I do work out regularly and watch my weight, and though I could claim it's all for my health, it's also so I can be the most lovely backdrop for gorgeous clothes such as this, but not for clothes add sex appeal! Have I justified myself enough?).

 I love the 1940s style broad-shouldered dames in Miu Miu.

Valentino. So feminine, flowing, and absolutely lovely! I wanted the entire collection, so timeless and elegant. 

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